President University Student Union is a student organization that has a purpose to enrich the student’s living during their study in President University with constructive extracurricular activities and corporate social responsibility that support the process of leadership and character building.

5 Values of PUSU

PUSU upholds five values that become the main identity and work ethics of the organization. Those values are symbolized in PUSU logo as the attitude and behavior indicators for all PUSU Members. The Value also internalized to the event and activities that PUSU conducts. Those values are:


Work with pride, PUSU emphasized that all the efforts must be done with the basic spirit as the Student Ambassador to bring the betterment to the university.


Passion is the must-appreciated sense within the work of Student Union. PUSU will always accommodate the passion of student in extra-curricular activities, and every PUSU members are also demanded to bring the best attitude and passion toward all activities in PUSU.


Creativity and Innovation are the heart of value ethics in PUSU. Every Work Plan, including events and activities should be the output of productive creativity by its members.


Honesty and strong moral principle must be upheld by the members as role model of character for the students.


Togetherness and unity are what defined PUSU as a big family of students. Every member of PUSU is partner and family to each other, linked by the soul of self-belonging to the organization.

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Cabinet Structure

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Vision and Mission

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