History of President University Student Union

President University Student Union (PUSU) established on August 23, 2008 in Jababeka, Cikarang. President University Student Union (PUSU) based on the principle of from, by, and for the students by giving a bigger role and flexibility towards the students; President University Student Union (PUSU) is a student organization that has a purpose to enrich the students’ lives during their study in President University with constructive extracurricular activities that support the process of leadership character building.

  • 1st Cabinet (January to December 2009)

    President: Timothy Nathaniel Halim (EE/2006)
    Vice President : Dian Abadi (EE/2007)

  • 2nd Cabinet (January to December 2010)

    President: Arief Sanjaya (EE/2008)
    Vice President : Yosi Twentiarani (IE/2008)

  • 3rd Cabinet ‘FORWARD’ (January to December 2011)

    President: Marlon Novie Akay (ACC/2009)
    Vice President : Yosi Twentiarani (IE/2009)

  • 4th Cabinet ‘CHAMPION’ (January to December 2012)

    President: Rahayu Shofa Utami (IR/2010)
    Vice President : Rendy Mulyana (VCD/2010)

  • 5th Cabinet ‘RESPECT’ (January to December 2011)

    President: Gilang Agam Tirta Ardana (IRE/2011)
    Vice President : Iga Puspita Sari (IRE/2011)