Legacy Cabinet

Legacy is a history maker. Our cabinet’s concern is the fact that PresUnivers has a lot of potential, but each person has limitations to resources. What matters is maximizing the potential that they have, and through our cabinet we are trying to accommodate them to grow together with us.


PUSU as a catalyst, hand in hand with presunivers make an opportunity to grow together as one



Providing the Presunivers with the capabilities they need to grow alongside us and to know their progress


Providing insights about the work environment as well as improving presunivers resources


To hold tightly all Presunivers in one arm to grow together

Cabinet Structure

Legacy Cabinet – Take Action, Make A Legacy!

anthony Emmanuel


Nadine Anakotta

Vice President

Aurellya Gunawan

Minister of MOCS

Sachi Nethania

Minister of MOF

Putri Amalia

Minister of MOSA

Shabil Pachlefi

Minister of MOSD

Aliyah Oktaviani

Minister of MOC

Our Minister member

Our Events

Dies Natalis

Dies Natalis is an annual event held to commemorate the establishment of President University in 2001. The name Dies Natalis is derived from a Latin term that refers to the anniversary of a founding event. The Dies Natalis 2021 will commemorate and honor President University’s 20th anniversary. The Dies Natalis 2022 committee hopes that the event was held not only to commemorate the founding of our university, but also to accelerate the achievement of President University’s vision of being an eminent university that produces leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, multicultural, global mindset, and to strengthen the relationship between all elements in President University.

Sport Olympiad President University

Sport Olympiad President University is an annual sport event held once a year following all members in President University. This years event is plan to be  Held hybrid and made to place in hands sportsmanship and solidarity among members of President University. In this event all the members in President University will participate in both offline and online sport and also will be streamed through Youtube, Instagram, and Discord. Students can compete not only with other students but also with lecturer, staff, and night students.  The aim of this event is to eliminate the distance between lecturers with students and also the distance of students between the other students.

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