[PRESS RELEASE] Board of Clubs and Communities Avowal 2020

President University, CIKARANG – On 14th February 2020 and 15th February 2020 Ministry of Student Activities of PUSU held an event BCA 2020 or Board of Clubs and Communities Avowal 2020. This is an Internal Event of PUSU that will gather some of the Board of Directors from all Clubs and Communities in President University. The theme of BCA 2020 is L.O.V.E (Learning, Optimistic, Valiant, and Enhance), this event has two beneficial agenda that have to follow by the Board of Directors. The first agenda is material session where the Board of Directors can get knowledge about leadership, a sharing session on how to be a good leader and how to deal with Finance Administration of President University, inform about how PUSU Store works, and explanation about PUSU as supervisor of Clubs and Communities. And the second agenda is a gathering that will make all of the Board of Directors close each other.

This event was held in two days and attended by the Board of Directors of Clubs and Communities in President University, PUSU’s member, Head of Student Affairs, and the representative of Finance Administration of President University.

The first day was held in Charles Himawan Auditorium and the event started at 17.00 with registration for the BODs and finished at 20.00 with photo session with all of the participant, committees, and PUSU members. On this time the BODs of CnCs will get material sessions from many experienced person such as representative of Finance Administration, Renaldy Chandra Junaedi as President of PUSU 2020, Mohammad Gerri Angga as Chairperson of AIESEC in President University, Ministry of Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Finance, and Kukuh Haykal Tarigan as the CEO of President Store. The purpose of all of these material sessions is to make BODs CnCs know what to do when they run an event.

In the second day the event was held in Jababeka Golf, started at 08.00 and finished at 13.00. On this time the BODs CnCs are get sharing session with Ministry of Student Activity where the BOD can ask as much as they want and also they doing games session with other participant also PUSU members. Through the activities the BODs can get many information that they curious, bond between BODs CnCs and PUSU members will getting strong so they can work together for this 1 year ahead.

We hope at the end of the event, the BODs CnCs can applied what they learned in two days while working an event or lead their CnC and also can work together with PUSU.

“Born to Lead, Live by Values” – BCA 2020

  • Written by : Stefanus Daniel Tambariki (PR Public Relations)
  • Revised by : Kelvin Andreas Lusman (Member of MOC)
  • Approved by : Atanasia Pranasistha Pramudita (Minister of Communication)

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