Board Of Clubs and Communities Avowal 2019




Board Of Clubs and Communities Avowal 2019

Know Your Duty, Know Your Responsibility

           President University, CIKARANG –  BCA 2019 or Board of Clubs and Communities Avowal 2019 is an event held by Ministry of Student Activities of PUSU. This is an internal event that will gather some the Board of Directors from all Clubs and Communities in President University. With the theme of A.N.T. (Active, Nice, Togetherness), this event has two interesting agenda. The first agenda is to train all the representative of CnC about leadership, a sharing session on how to be a good leader, and explanation about PUSU as supervisor of CnC. And the second agenda is a gathering for all the representative of CnC that aimed to build sense of belonging so all the CnC so they can uphold unity while carrying their duties.

BCA was held from 8th February 2019 to 9th February 2019 and also attended by the representative of Clubs and Communities in President University, PUSU’s member, Vice Rector II of President University, Head of Student Affairs, and Head Of Finance Administration.

The first day was held on Charles Himawan Auditorium and the event started at 16.50 with registration as the first activity. The event then continued with interesting yet educating material sessions from many experienced such Head of Finance Administration, Yosua Samataro Mendrofa as President of PUSU 2019, Halimah Dewi as Chairperson of AIESEC in President University, Ministry of Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Finance, and last but not least Mohammad Agung Mahyuddin as the CEO of President Store. The purpose of all of these interesting sessions is to make CnC representative know about the process and regulation on how to run an event.

The second day was held on Jababeka Golf. The activity start at 7.00 and finished at 14.00. This day was filled with fun activities such games and sharing session. From these fun activities a strong bond between CnC and PUSU could be build so they can work in unity for the rest of the year.

At the end of the event, the purpose to gather, train, appreciate, bond all the representative of CnC and also maintain a good relation between all CnC with PUSU as the supervisor has been achieved.

Hopefully all the Clubs and Communities also can achieve their goals in unity.


“Find Your Duty, Work In Unity” – BCA 2019

Keisha/External Affairs




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