Club and Communities

Club is official Student Activity Unit. Club has been exist in university more than two years and has already recognized as club in Club Award Decree that held annually by PUSU. While Every group that want to establish a Club will do presentation in front of PUSU Board, if the proposal is accepted, the group will be granted the status as ‘Community’ and will gain several rights. Community performance will be assessed by PUSU in Communication Forum for two years. If they meet the qualification, their status will be change into Club through Club Award Decree Here are the lists of existing Clubs and Communities in President University under Supervision of PUSU :



The choir club is a place where students who love to sing are gathered to sing together in a certain form of harmonies. Not only to sing, the students are encouraged to improve their vocal skills. The club’s activities include a vocal training, warming up and the learning of songs. The practice also aims for an affectionate singing which may also improve the student’s sense of art and singing awareness.


Punico is a community in President University who concerns in student’s interest of Nippon or Japanese culture. Ranging from Modern Japanese culture even to the traditional ones.


Music Community is a legal club in President University which concern in art activities in music. Music Community accommodates all the students who are interested in music such as singing and play an instrument. Moreover, Music Community also enhance their organizational skill.


Shutter photography is a place for President University students who are interested in Photography to develop potential skills in photography.


Hanapu is a club in President University that concern in character development and the Association of Aneuk Nanggroe Aceh in President University. All of the activities revolved around the culture of Aceh.


Puter is one of community in President University that concern to theatre or acting. Each year, there are plays that will be delivered to the students of President Univerity and local people.


Premiere is community in President University that concern to movie making, its include how to be a good script-writer, cameraman, director, actor/actress also make-up artist.

Mr. and Ms. Foundation

Mr and Ms Foundation is a club which established to enhance the quality of Mr and Ms President University as well as the alumni of the finalist of Mr and Ms President University. Mr and Ms Foundation will help Mr and Ms President University in terms of the contestant to be the icon and role model of President University.


President University Dance Movement or well known as PRIME is a community that established since 2011. This community activity is learning for dance. There are 4 sub dances that exist in PRIME such as Break Dance (Bboy), Ballroom, Modern Dance, and Tango. PRIME schedule for practice is depending on sub dance.



Zahirul Ma’ala is a legal club in President University which concern about Islamic activities, ZM is a place where you can gain and increase the knowledge about Islam and learn how to be a good Muslim. They also make event to celebrating the important day in Islam such as Isra Miraj, Eid Adha, and others.


PUCATSO (President University Catholic Society) is a Catholic Community under PUSU and a part of Pastoral Mahasiswa Keuskupan Agung Jakarta (PMKAJ). We call us as ‘Family”. A place where we can share and care each other besides build our character, improve our knowledge and skill. To worship God and become one family in God.


Buddhists Community or Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis Ashokavardhana (KMBA) in Indonesian is an organization which created by students from president university which concern in the religion of Buddha.


AIESEC in PU is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students in President University. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.


Community of Love (COOL) is as a Christian community in President University which grows amidst the diversity of religions, beliefs, and cultures. It is an instrument to unite believers. It is a community where the members care, help, and give admonition mutually so that every person belonged are able to reach their maximum potential.


KMHD (Komunitas Mahasiswa Hindu Dharma) is one of community in President University that concern to the religion of Hindu.


President University Charity Club is a club in President University that concerns in humanity and helping other people. Moreover, it is the place for its members to develop knowledge, skills, creativity, gaining experience, and spreading network in organization.



Basketball Club in President University that has the purpose to train the students in basketball and to prepare them for competition that it will join. Therefore, its regular activities are to practice basketball. The practice is done in the basketball court next to the campus building B.


The purpose in invented Golf Club is to discover the potential of the students that have passion in golf but they do not have any medium to deliver their passion although there is a golf facility in the university area but they do not have friends to mingle together. So the most reason of this club is to gather all the students that have passion in golf together to learn golf together and win competitions under President University’s name.


Pure martial art from Indonesia created by Mas Poeng in April 21963 from the mixing of several kind of other Silat institution, like Bayu Manunggal, Gagak Syailendra, and Gagak Syamudra that already existed in the era of colonial. Actually, Merpati Putih is a short name of “Mersudi Patitising Tindak Pusakane Titising Hening” or looking for truth in the way of silence. Merpati Putih is a special martial art, because this martial art is not only train the silat warriors how to attack, block, counterattack, etc. but also train them to manage their inner power as well.


PBC is a club which focused on Badminton. This club facilitate President University Students who like Badminton and wish to compete in all kinds of competition or just as a hobby.


Varsity is one of community in President University that have passion in climbing, this community concern in sport activities that support passion of President University students in sport activities.


DiverVenTure is President University Adventure Team. It is the first and oldest club in President University. Our activities does not only include travelling mountains and other places but we also conserve and promote the beautiful nature in Indonesia.


President University Kyokushinkai Karate or better known as PresUniv Kyokushin is one of martial art communities in President University that has vision to be the biggest and the best martial art club in President University. Established on July 29, 2012 under support of International Karate Organization (I.K.O.) Kyokushinkai in Honbu, Japan and I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan Indonesia.


President University Volleyball Club is create in order to continue our study by receiving knowledge, skills, wisdom, and any abilities that is punctual.At last, we would like introduce volleyball club that concentrate on develop and retain members in organization, academic, solidarity, and improve sportsmanship. This club is also meant to be one of the clubs that can give an image for President University to uphold among all other university.


PUFC is President University Futsal Club which already legalized as club in President University who accommodate student’s passion in futsal.


PUTC is a club focused on Tennis. This club facilitate President University Students who like to play Tennis and wish to play as a hobby or to compete.