President University, CIKARANG – One week ago from this article written, we have successfully conducted the first Communication Forum 2022. The responsible people are Rainer Tanata Wijaya and Fakhirah Afira who successfully conducted this event. Communication Forum (COMFOR) is the platform provided by PUSU to all of the CnCs (Club and Communities) in President university to perform their programs in the one year of working period.

This could also be the media that become one of the requirements for the CnCs to be legally engaged in CSD 2022 (Clubs & Communities Awards Degree). The purpose of this event is to discuss, criticize, and evaluate their work programs, whether they will be accepted by the President University or not based on 9 Values at President University.

There will be two times of communication forum, for this time there will be some sessions that will be included in the agenda. For the presentation, each Clubs and Communities will be divided into 2 sessions, the first session for society CnCs and some art CnCs, and the second session for the rest of art CnCs and sport CnCs. After the presentation session of all the CnCs, there will be an agenda for the minister MOSA to share her thoughts or suggestions to all the CnCs.

-Communication Forum 2022-
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