[PRESS RELEASE] Comparative Study 2021

President University, CIKARANG – Comparative Study is an annual event organized by President University Student Union (PUSU) that aimed to build connections with other BEMs in Indonesia. PUSU considered that networking is very important to share each other’s working system and bittersweet stories in running the organizations.

We all know that the pandemic still reaches its peak until this year and has made a lot of changes, including Comparative Study 2021. Comparative Study 2021 invited Petra Christian University (Universitas Kristen Petra) Kampus Surabaya as the partner, which means PUSU and BEM UK Petra did brainstorming on how they run their events in the COVID-19 situation. COMSTUD is actually done by visiting university partners directly and doing presentations. Well, the difference was only COMSTUD 2021 lost the vibes of social interaction. However, the committee was successful in lifting up the euphoria of offline events. It was also supported by the ice breaking and also games that the committee prepared to lighten the situation so that members of both BEM would unite and know each other more.  Even with some changes, they still got to meet the objectives of the event, also successfully carrying the theme which is “Together Towards Tomorrow”. 

In conclusion, Comparative Study 2021 taught PUSU members along with BEM UK Petra to be able to share about the way they face this pandemic, the changes within the BEM system and also displayed the work plans that each BEM has to inspire each other. Some of BEM UK Petra’s work plans did inspire us, and PUSU also hopes they feel the same. After the event, all participants even got new friends from the partnered universities.

“God is always with us. That is why this event is successfully conducted. We expect our partners to get the meaning of the Comparative Study 2020 and still keep in touch until an unknown time” Albert, the Project Manager said.

We Know Each Other, We Win Together!” – Comparative Study 2021

  • Written by: Siti Nabira Rindu Azzahra (PIC Internal Affairs)
  • Revised by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)
  • Approved by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)

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