[PRESS RELEASE] Cultural Festival 2019

President University, Cikarang – As a campus with an international environment, President University students certainly don’t only consist of local students. The students and lecturers come from various parts of the world. President University develops a harmonious and conducive environment between students and lecturers with all the differences. Cultural differences that we need to respect to be able to live side by side in peace. Therefore, it is important for all of us to understand each other’s differences and introduce those differences early on.

This is the purpose of the Cultural Festival held by the President University Student Union (PUSU). The event was held at Holywood Junction, Jababeka on Saturday (26/10) and featured a number of performances from each country’s representative from China, Vietnam, Timor Leste, Nigeria, Egypt, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and even Zimbabwe; and also invited ambassadors from each of these countries.

In this event, President University’s international students presented their culture in order to introduce their culture to the public. The event was filled with singing folk songs, regional dances, selling traditional food, fashion show, and much more. The interesting thing about this event is the musical drama played by local and international students of President University. This musical drama was held to instill the value of unity and togetherness in the participants.

“I hope that the participants and the audience can respect each other’s culture because we live side by side here, so I chose the ‘Embracing the Culture’ as the theme for this year’s event,” said Leonor Ribeiro who is an international student from Timor Leste and also as the project manager.

Leonor explained that she saw these cultural differences as natural wealth, where these differences should unite us. She explained that to accept one another, we also need to know and understand about that culture, so that’s why this cultural festival is being held.

The Cultural Festival was closed by inviting participants and spectators to also dance to traditional Timorese dances. Many of the viewers said that they were very satisfied with this event because they could see the culture of various countries. They hope that in the future this event can continue and become more festive.

-Stefani and Nisa-

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