[PRESS RELEASE] Dies Natalis President University 2021


President University, CIKARANG – Only a couple of months ago, President University celebrated its 19th year of establishment. It has been a long journey for President University to become one of the best Universities in Indonesia. Now, this amazing University is known for its inclusive and international environment, and Diversity can be said as one of its best values. Therefore, President University’s Anniversary was the best way to reunite all elements in order to acknowledge their effort in making President University grow.

Dies Natalis was conducted with some sub-events that were so insightful and engaging. Everyone who was watching should actually give their biggest appreciation to all the committees. It’s strongly related to its amazing Project Manager, Riveraliza Valentina and her Vice Project Manager Ahda Ayudia Hairisa that managed this wonderful concept.  With the theme “Utopia”, this year’s Dies Natalis was considered beyond successful, especially because they made it happen in this hard situation, COVID-19 pandemic.

On 20th of March Dies Natalis offered an amazing webinar that went along with the theme “Ahch-to: Secrets of The Force ”. It was divided into two sessions, first Better Financial Planning for the Better Gen-Z f and Exploration & Elaboration in Facing Society 5.0 as the second one. The material was delivered by incredible speakers, Mrs. Felicia Putri Tjiasaka and Ms. Sena Achari. They are the co-founder of @ternakuang.id and Director of Product Management detiknetwork, respectively.

It was not only a webinar, the committee also prepared another two competitions that were E-sport and Business Model Canvas (BMC) Competition. People nowadays are so addicted to mobile games, moreover, they have a lot of free time. Looking at this situation, the committee tried to make that habit a tad productive by delivering game competitions including Dota, Mobile Legends, and PUBG. That’s for the entertainment one, as for academic Dies Natalis PresUniv collaborated with SetSail Biz Accel, which is a President University Business accelerator. They gave big prizes: 5 million Rupiah and a bachelor’s scholarship to study in our beloved campus.

Another fascinating agenda came in the final night, bringing IDTIGAF X FIVEIN as the guest stars. Accompanying the end of this event, participants were also able to join the Photo Challenge and deserved Dufan’s free tickets. Again, the committee apparently didn’t run out of ideas, they could impress participants with other unique things where they made their own soundtrack. Incredible! AWAKE is a masterpiece that was sung by Olivia x RETROSE x galiLeo.

Eventually, the celebration of Dies Natalis President University 2021 saved its own trademark for all who participated. To be sure, it is no exception with Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, S.E., M.M., M.A., as the Rector of President University that sent his appreciation to all elements of President University who have worked hard for the good name of the campus. Hopefully, this 19th anniversary will unite President University internally and mark more achievements externally.

May the Euphoria Be with You ” – Dies Natalis President University 2021

  • Written by: Siti Nabira Rindu Azzahra (PIC Internal Affairs)
  • Revised by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)
  • Approved by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)

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