President University, CIKARANG – Only a couple months ago, President University celebrated its 20th the establishment of this university. Not a short trip, from what was originally dubbed as Cikarang School of Engineering which only offers a Bachelor of engineering degree, to President University which offers various fields of study, and known as an inclusive and international environment, and Diversity can be said as one of its best values. Therefore, President University’s Anniversary was the best way to reunite all elements in order to acknowledge their effort in making President University grow.

Dies Natalis was conducted with some three sub-events that were so insightful and engaging. Everyone who was watching should actually give their biggest appreciation to all the committees. It’s strongly related to its amazing Project Manager, Shabil Syach Pachlefi, who managed this wonderful concept. This year, Dies natalis President University has a theme “The Excellence Sun of Twenty” which will be divided into three sub events. Through this event, we realized the potential of PresUnivers as future makers that can build innovation. They are able to discover lots of innovations that can also be presented to our judges and have appreciation during the final night for all the major’s representation. This year, Dies Natalis was held via online because in this hard situation, COVID – 19 pandemic.

Finally, the celebration of Dies Natalis President University 2021 preserved its own trademark for all who took part. Hopefully, this 20th anniversary will unite the university internally and mark more achievements externally.

-Dies Natalis President University 2022-
Let Your Sun, Blaze the Universe.

Best regards,

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