President University is well-known as a campus with a million events. And there are also many events that President University Student Union (PUSU) conducted and all of the events are invited all of presunivers to join. They can be the committee or participant of the events. There are 12 external events that PUSU have, here is the list of the events  


Mr. & Ms. President University

Mr. and Ms. President University is a yearly internal event that aimed to look for role models and ambassadors for President University students and also promote the good characters. This event use 3B and 1T as their characteristic traits, which are brain, beauty, behaviour, and talent. In Mr. & Ms. President University the participant will be given training and do quarantine about Q&A, Public Speaking, Catwalk, and Ballroom.

Sport Olympiad of President University (SOPU)

Sport Olympiad President University (SOPU) is an internal Sports Olympic annual event which involves all members of President University. There are several sport competition which consist of sport and e-sport games. All presunivers, lectures, staff and regular night student are invited to participate in this event. The purpose is to enhance sportsmanship and solidarity between all elements of President University.

Dies Natalis President University

Dies Natalis is one of the biggest annual events in President University. Which is held for celebrating our campus anniversary. Every year it has different concept of themes. This event will be held for 2 days celebration. Many fun activities will be done on this event such as splash run and final night. There will be also performances from our special guest star. All elements of President University are invited to attend and feel the memorable activities together.

Grant of Hopes

Grant of hopes is one of social event in President University. All of presunivers can also join this event as a volunteers. The purpose of this event is to help the people who needed our help in order to have a better quality of life. Grant of hopes will have “Live in” activity in village and we’ll spend several days do socialize and do some activities related to health. There will also many fun activities like having games with them.

Student Orientation (STO)

Student Orientation is an annual event conducted by President University Student Union (PUSU) in order to assist the vision and mission of President University. This event is going to introduce the university itself to all freshman, also train them to have a good character and strong personality. It’s obligated for all the freshman. There will be many fun and educative agendas that we do to welcome the new students.

Regular Night Student Orientation (Renstoration)

Renstoration 2020 is an annual event for new students of the regular night which will be held by President University Student Union. The committee of Renstoration 2020 has the mission to embrace new students of the regular night of 2020 and bring them a warm welcome to help them be more known about the campus environment and help them adapt to campus life.

International Student Orientation (ISTO)

International Student Orientation (ISTO) is an annual event conducted by President University Student Union in order to help the International Student to prepare about their university life. All of them will be gather into this event together. There were many activities such as introduction to the environment of President University, campus rules and regulation, club and communities and introduction to student organizations.

Interactive Communication (Interact)

Interact is an annual event that held by PUSU which has the purpose to improve the communication skill to be effective and to improve the language structure such as ways of speaking and language style, but the most important thing is to boost up the confidence of the participants. With many special speakers it can help you to encourage yourself to speak up. You can also learn how to be a good public relation.

President Youth Leadership Camp (PYLC)

President Youth Leadership Camp is an annual event which has the purpose to foster the sense of leadership in every student of President University. In this event you will met many great speakers that will give motivation and inspiration. Also will help you to encourage your leadership skills. Many fun activities that will done there except seminar such as playing games, FGD session, social project, do a campaign and etc.

Cultural Festival (Culfest)

Cultural Festival is an event that have purpose to develops a harmonious and conducive environment between students and lecturers with all the differences. The students and lecturers come from various parts of the world. There are many performances about their culture from each country’s representative such as China, Vietnam, Timor Leste, Korea, Egypt, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Japan, etc.

President University Idol (PU Idol)

President University Idol is an event that provides a platform for the talented PresUnivers that want to encourage there singing skills. PU IDOL, has successfully created a new superstar every year. Therefore, there is still an elimination round to be able to find the best of the best. There are several steps of elimination round, such as the TOP 30, TOP 20, TOP 11, and reaching up to the TOP 5 which marks as the Final Round.

Student Awarding Night

Student Awarding Night is an award ceremony which has a purpose to give appreciation towards the performance of Club and Communities in President University in the form of awards in various categories. Besides Clubs and Communities, students from each major in President University who has displayed outstanding achievements will also be given an awards for their hard work.