Mr. & Ms. President University

President University Jababeka Education Park, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, RT.2/RW.4, Mekarmukti, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi, West Java

President University, CIKARANG – Mr. & Ms. President University is an annual external event that aims to find ambassadors and role models for President University. In this event, participants receive training so that they have character and knowledge in accordance with the criteria of Participants Mr. & Mr. President University, and participants will be quarantined …

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Dies Natalis


President University, CIKARANG – Dies Natalis is an annual event held to commemorate the establishment of President University in 2001. The name Dies Natalis is derived from a Latin term that refers to the anniversary of a founding event. The Dies Natalis 2021 will commemorate and honor President University's 20th anniversary. The Dies Natalis 2022 …

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Communication Forum


President University, CIKARANG – Communication Forum is the platform for Clubs and Communities to present their work programs and events in one year ahead. The purpose of this event is to discuss, criticize, and evaluate their work programs, whether they will be accepted by President University or not based on 9 Values at President University . …

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Comparative Study


President University, CIKARANG – Comparative study is an activity carried out with the purpose is adding insight and knowledge that will be applied in the future to be better. Activities like this are certainly very good for the development of an organization's performance. One of organizations in President University, the President University Student Union (PUSU) …

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