[PRESS RELEASE] Grant of Hopes 2020

President University, CIKARANG – Grant of Hopes is an event which purpose is to share with others whether it’s in the form of donations or knowledge. For Grant of Hopes 2020, we had a donation for Rumah Pejuang Kanker Ambu (RPKA). We also held a webinar with the theme of “Maintaining Dental and Mouth Health” that was held via the application zoom and afterwards we had a mini concert to help raise more donation funds.

For our webinar, we had the pleasure of having Drg. Tengku Anisa as our speaker. She is a professional dentist and also a host on a program called Ayo Hidup Sehat that airs on TvOne. In the webinar, she explained on how to take care of the health of our teeth and mouth health, especially during the current pandemic situation.

After the webinar, we continued with the mini concert. For our mini concert, we had an extraordinary guest star, Willy Anggawinata. He is an ex member of a band called Eclad Story who often uploads their works on Youtube, and now he actively shares his  song covers through his social media.

We hope the donations given for Yayasan Rumah Pejuang Kanker Ambu (RPKA) through GOH 2020 will be useful in helping the institution helps and support people in need whiles fighting against cancer.

“Small action, for big missions” – Grant of Hopes 2020

  • Written by : Injila Gabriela Gratia Ratuntiga (PIC Internal Affairs)
  • Revised by : Kelvin Andreas Lusman (Member of MOC)
  • Approved by : Atanasia Pranasistha Pramudita (Minister of Comunications)



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