[PRESS RELEASE] Grant of Hopes 2021

President University, CIKARANG – Grant of Hopes is a social event that has the basic purpose of providing various kinds of assistance to the community, especially children in reaching their hopes and dreams. It is also a medium in spreading care, support, and love from President University to the community, especially those who live around campus. Apparently, the COVID-19 pandemic did not bother the spirit of the committee to keep on track and gave their best effort to make this event happen.  

This year, the GOH committee organizes 3 programs, namely: Open Donation, Virtual Webinars, and Events Dedication. The committee donated all of GOH income that was collected from campus funds, sponsors, fundraising, community donations and gave webinar tickets to one of the orphanages in Cikarang. The open donation program is held through the distribution of “Open Donation” posters and videos, as well as requests for sponsors with various social communities.

In the next program, GOH held a virtual webinar by raising the theme “Healthy lifestyle” and invited speakers who are competent in their fields. GOH chose this theme due to the continuity with the pandemic conditions, also increasing public awareness to the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy body condition. After that, GOH held games activities, sharing sessions, giving merchandise, money, and school supplies, as well as learning and eating together with the children of the orphanage in the dedication program.

Committee also invited nutritionists and body builders to be the webinar speakers. Dr. Vikie Nouvrisia A., M. Gizi, SpGK and Calista Sharrone seemed to take part in GOH 2021. They brought very insightful yet fun material and were enjoyed by the participants. GOH’s Project Manager, Muhandis Ayyasy said “From this concept, we expect to give an event that is memorable for the orphan and children with various activities that we try to offer. We also want to invite the community to participate in providing donations to orphanages, likewise provide a good place for learning so that GOH can be benefited by everyone, not just children”.

Provide Warmth for A Beam of Light” – Grant of Hopes 2021

  • Written by: Siti Nabira Rindu Azzahra (PIC Internal Affairs)
  • Revised by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)
  • Approved by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)

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