[PRESS RELEASE] Interact 2020

President University – INTERACT stands for Interactive Communication Training. INTERACT is an event held by President University Student Union (PUSU) which has the purpose to improve the communication skills, and language structure such as ways of speaking.

INTERACT 2020 was a little bit different. Seeing that we are currently under lockdown because of COVID-19, we decided to hold the event online. Still, tried to uphold the fundamental values of INTERACT itself. The theme of this years event is “Digital Communication, Shapes Character in Adaptive Way”. We adopt this theme because we recognize there are a lot of changes in the way of communication especially on the platform of communication itself. The traditional way of communicating is shifting rapidly to digital communication. Besides, the are also 3 values that are expected to supports our theme which are; “Personal Branding”, “Digital Communication Ethics”, and “Social Media Utilization” those ideas are expected to help us to explore more ideas and build character by adapting to the rapid digital area.

INTERACT 2020, was divided into two days. On the First day, we talk about Personal Branding and Digital Communication Ethics, delivered by Alifia Anandita as a journalist from MetroTV. The next day, we talk about Personal Branding and Social Media Utilization that was delivered by Andovi Da Lopez who is a Youtuber and content creator. INTERACT 2020 was successfully held. It is hoped that the participants could really feel the value of this event and implement them on their daily lives.

“Communication Shapes Perception!” – INTERACT 2020

  • Written by : Rivera Lixa Valentina (PM for Interact)
  • Revised by : Kelvin Andreas Lusman (Member of MOC)
  • Approved by : Atanasia Pranasistha Pramudita (Minister of Communication)

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