[PRESS RELEASE] International Student Orientation 2019

President University, Cikarang – President University is an institution that accommodates national and international students. To prepare international students into university life, PUSU held International Student Orientation on 26-29 September 2019.

This year ISTO has “Culture in Harmony” as its theme. “Presunivers are like harmony in music, we are all different, yet we became one beautiful unit,” stated Jesi Pereira as the project manager of ISTO 2019. For the tagline, ISTO’s board directors chose “Show the difference, Chime in Harmony.” It meant despite many differences, we should be able to understand each other and finally, we can collaborate as one.

From the first day until the last one, there were many activities such as introduction to the environment of President University, campus’ rules and regulation, and introduction to student organizations. ISTO finally ended on amazing performances by the international freshmen.

“I hope that ISTO 2019 could help international students to be more active, and hopefully they will not forget to follow the rules and regulations of our campus,” noted Jesi.

ISTO may have finished, but we would like to welcome all international freshmen and wishing them good luck in facing university life at President University.

“Show the difference, Chime in Harmony!”

  • Keisha / External Affairs

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