[PRESS RELEASE] Mr. & Ms. President University 2020

“Shine with dignity Stand with integrity”

President University, CIKARANG –  Mr. & Ms. President University 2020 has come back with a different face and concept. As have been recognized before, Mr. & Ms. President University is an annual event conducted by President University Student Union (PUSU) under the Minister of Student Activity. The main aim of this event is to look for a new campus ambassador. The objective of this event is how this platform can shape and form a potential human who can bring campus names inside, and outside of the campus. The final night of Mr. & Ms. President University was held in Holiday Inn Jababeka, Cikarang Hotel, attended by hundreds of people, and the presence of Miss. Natasha Manuella, as the 2nd runner up of Miss world 2016, also with Mr. Enrique Dustin, as Mr. Supranational Indonesia 2019.

The event was started with a hundred participants who register to join our training and selection process which after the whole selection progress left us with 14 finalists, 7 Mr. and 7 Ms. The process of the event has taken 3 months of activity which consist of several sub-event called; Table Manner, Public Speaking Day, Talent Show, Preliminary Round, and the Final Night. Alongside with those events, we also had several photoshoots for our Mr. & Ms. to help them build up their public reputation. The finalist have been taught on how to act elegantly, full of respect and manner, inside of the quarantine days, starting from January until in the first week of the march which took 6 days per week.

Being a campus ambassador is not as easy as it seems. The ambassador is required to be the best version of themselves because people look to them and consider them role models. All the 14 finalists have been taught on how to speak well in front of the people, act politely, wide knowledge and have something inside of their personality, which in accordance with the principles of Mr. & Ms. President university foundation called as Brain, Beauty, Behavior plus Talent (3b + 1t).

The previous Mr. & Ms. President University, Mr. Yusuf Rifqi Vivaldi and Ms. Rebecca Clairini has passed their crown and sash to another deserving winner which are; Yusuf Prima Yahya Yudistira from BA 2019 and Natasya Sardy from PSTE 2019. For our 1st runner ups are Gede Agus Wira Tanaya and Dewa Agung Mirah Amai. Lastly our 2nd runner ups which are Moh. Lail Febriansyah and Natasha Nicolas.

Through this event, we hope there will be a lot of PresUnivers who can be brave enough to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone, break their limits, and make something unforgettable. With all of these benefits, we hope the upcoming Mr. & Ms. President University will be better.

  • Written by : Bayu Andaresta (PIC Public Relations)
  • Revised by : Kelvin Andreas Lusman (Member of MOC)
  • Approved by : Atanasia Pranasistha Pramudita (Minister of Communication)

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