President University, CIKARANG – One week ago, President University Student Union successfully conducted Mr. & Ms. President University 2022 with a different theme and concept. Mr. & Ms. President University 2022 has some wonderful tagline which is Uphold the Manners, Strive for Greatness. As what naturally it describes, this event was an annual collaboration event organized by the President University Student Union and Mr. & Ms. Foundation.

Mr. & Ms. President University is the platform provided by PUSU for PresUNiv students to present their talent to be graded and the last person standing will be the next campus ambassador of the year. For this year’s final night, Mr. & Ms. President University was held in Graha Pariwisata Cikarang and was attended by hundreds of people.

For almost 3 months of training, the participants have gained a lot of new knowledge that actually are very beneficial for the participants to have a good manner, to train their talents, to behave in every situation, etc. and also to prepare the participants to be the role model for PresUnivers. Many people lose confidence because nowadays everyone thinks that the most important part of a person’s beauty is physical appearance. At Mr. & Ms. President University 2022, we really hope that the participants can influence others with the right understanding of what true beauty is. We also hope that participants can inspire and challenge students to discover their talents.

The selected winners of this year’s Mr. & Ms. President University divided into the Mr. and Ms are Akbar Alifandy Kresnawan from BA 2021 and Ni Nyoman Ayu Krisna Dewi from BA 2021. As the Project Manager, Ni Kadek Putri Mahandari, is indeed proud of the hard work by the participants and the committees. There are lots of problems, miscommunications, but she thanked God that the event could run well with the objectives of the event being well-implemented.

-Mr. & Ms. President University 2022-
Uphold the Manners, Strive for Greatness

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