[PRESS RELEASE] PUSU Aspiration Week (PAW) 2021

President University, CIKARANG – PUSU Aspiration Week is an annual event held by President University Student Union (PUSU) President University. PAW has a main purpose to collect all aspirations, comments, and advice from PresUnivers, in order to wholly evaluate PUSU’s programs or its members’ performance during their tenure. This year, the committee set off the theme “Public Service Day” and “Philosophy Day”.

Covid-19 pandemic didn’t seem to bother the spirit of PUSU members to engage PresUnivers until they participated in giving feedback. PAW’s committee utilizes the official Instagram account of PUSU which is pusupresuniv to keep reminding and give some questions as a survey. Besides that, Google Form was also used to accommodate PresUnivers input. The whole PUSU members had a big role in spreading the link for a week respectively so that it could reach PresUnivers on a big scale. It is not that difficult to change the original PAW format to a fully online one. PAW was successfully adapted with an online concept. Thus, Presunivers might fill out the online questionnaire more comfortably and give their aspiration from home.

PUSU Aspiration Week 2021 also offered a different concept from the last year. They provided Instagram’s filter as a sign that PAW 2021 had been started. PAW was held 2 times throughout this year, in PAW 2 there was more exciting innovation which delivered Instagram’s feed for 11 events of PUSU. The aspirations that have been collected will be passed on to the next cabinet, as a kind of guide on the things that need improvement for their year.

With Valuable Criticism, Comes Improvement” – PUSU Aspiration week 2021

  • Written by: Siti Nabira Rindu Azzahra (PIC Internal Affairs)
  • Revised by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)
  • Approved by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)

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