What is PBU?

PUSU Benefits You (PBU) is an annual event held by PUSU for President University students as a platform to participate as a committee in PUSU event of 2019.

About The Events

1. Mr. & Ms. President University
Mr. & Ms. President University is an event which particularly looks for the ambassador of the campus, which become the role model for President University students.

2. Sport Olympiad President University
This event is made with purposes to be a place which enhances the sportmanship also the solidarity among the President University members.

3. Grant of Hopes

Grant of hopes is an event that focused on a social issue that happens around us, we want to improve the quality of the elderly and orphans children social life to give them have hope and make them not feel alone. We will invite them to our university, and we will have sharing food and some agenda, we want to make all president university student increase their social values such as sharing, kindness and be compassionate.

4. International Student Orientation
This event is made to be the bridge between International Students and Indonesian Students. Also serve as a medium for them to adapt to Indonesian culture and environment.

5. President Youth Leader Camp
This event is a leadership training that aims to foster a sense of nationalism and patriotism of the young generation to become leaders of a quality nation.

6. Cultural Festival
This event is to introduce different cultures from different countries and tighten the bond between presunivers regardless of their background, race and nationality.

7. President University Idol
PU Idol is an event held to search for Presunivers who has talent in singing and want to show it to all of the spectator. The purpose of this event is to find the talented student that can compete fairly to show their talent in singing among the audiences.

8. Club and Communities Award Decree
Club Award and Decree will invite all of the clubs and communities in President University under PUSU to gather and appreciate their contribution and hard work during a year.

9. INTERACT (Interactive Communication Training)
Interactive Communication Training is organized to improve their Experience and knowledge of how to communicate well and effectively, and equip them with confidence by seminar and workshop.


For Registration:
– SOPU registration will be closed at 8 January 2019.

– Mr & Ms Presuniv will be closed at 9 January 2019.
– For other event will be closed at 18 January 2019.

For Submission:

– You have successfully sent the form if the end result is blank space (white).

– Then you may tell us that you have filled out the form

We are already closed, so thank you for your participation.

If you have submit the form, you may contact directly to:

  • Raihan: – raihanfadjar (Line)

  – 082295437733 (Phone)

  • Ezi:        – shacrulfahrez (Line)

   – 0895424447667 (Phone)

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