[Press Release] CCT AND CCG 2018



President University, CIKARANG Clubs & Communities Training and Gathering are two events that become one as CCG & CCT. This event is an annual event that conducts every year in order to gather and bond all of the Clubs and Communities that exist in President University by inviting the representative from all of the Clubs and Communities.

In this event, the committee invited Chairpersons, vice Chairpersons, Secretaries and Treasurers of all Clubs and Communities as the representative. This event was also attended by Dr. Agus H. Canny, M.Sc as Vice Rector III of President University, Mr. Purwanto, ST., M.M, and Mr Susilo, S.kom.

CCG & CCT of this year had the theme “T.E.A.M” which Means “Together Everyone Achieve More”. By this theme, it elaborated their hope which is work together as a team and get more than work individually.

Moreover, CCG & CCT was held two days. First day was run for Clubs and Communities Training and the second day was run for Clubs and Communities Gathering. CCT was held on 2nd February 2018 and CCG was held on 3rd February 2018 in Charles Himawan Auditorium at 17.00 until 21.00. In the first day, CCT was attended by 76 participants of the representative from Clubs and Communities, the event gave knowledge for the participants by giving the material session from Linggar Rehandhana as President of PUSU and the material session from Finance and Tax. Not only the material, they also made the event with sharing session in order to get more specific knowledge and shared experience as President & Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

In the second day, CCG was attended by the representative from Clubs and Communities as well. CCG is the time for Clubs and Communities getting known each other by outdoor activities at Jababeka Golf at 08.00 until 14.00. They were divided into groups, so they could know each other with this rendezvous. They supposed to make their own tagline and yel-yel group and performed it. They got outbound games to establish their togetherness even though they just have made.

At the end, this event is a congenial event with precious aims that the aims have been achieved to gather the CnC, make them know each other, and work together. Last, surely made them enjoy the event and know PUSU well in good side.

“Build the bond, Break the Limit” – CCG & CCT 2018

Sira/External Affairs



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