[Press Release] Communication Forum 1

[vc_row][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Communication Forum I: “Improve ourselves, Encourage each other”


Communication Forum 2018 is an event under PUSU that invites clubs and Communities in President University to participate in this event. This event is a forum between PUSU and Clubs and Communities. The Clubs and Communities are under PUSU itself, therefore PUSU has to know the work plan or activities that they have planned for one year ahead.

In this first Communication Forum, representatives from every Club and Community should present their work plan for one year ahead and from PUSU side whether will give suggestion or comment for their work plans. Besides presenting their work plan in the first agenda, there was also introduction of Clubs Award and Decree because this event is concerned with Clubs and Communities also which has been explained by Shafira Ajeng Putri as the Project Manager and there was certainly an explanation of the rules and regulations that have been set for Clubs and Communities.

The theme of this year’s event is “Develop, Manage, and Organize the idea”. The reason of the theme is because of the work plan of each Clubs and Communities. The work plan is an idea or arrangement of activities from each Club and Community and we hope that Clubs and Communities 2018 will develop the idea to be better.

This event aims to build a good communication between PUSU and Clubs and Communities. We hope to build long-term relationship as well. Therefore, there will be no miss communication between PUSU and Clubs and Communities about what they will do in one year.

This first communication forum was held at Charles Himawan Auditorium on March 20, 2018. This event invited the representative of Student Activities and Pak Purwanto as Head of Student Affair, Alumni and Counselling Bureau Activity. Pak Purwanto also gave a warm speech to this event.

The event has run smoothly and the representative of Clubs and Communities were very willing to take their time to participate in this event with good respond. Nisa El Shiffa as the Project manager also shared her impression of this event, she said “Thank you for all the Clubs and Communities that have come today, I hope that in the future the first Communication Forum is will be the beginning to build a long term relationship between PUSU and Clubs and Communities. For this one year ahead you should not hesitate to ask questions and ask for help to PUSU.”. She hoped for Communication Forum I in the next year will be more conductive and also the Clubs and Communities will be concerned about this event to present their work plans.


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