“We may grow old, but our memories are gold”


            President University, CIKARANG – Exactly one week ago, all elements of President University gather to celebrate the biggest day for the beloved campus. It’s been 17 years that President University has participated as a role in the world of higher education in Indonesia. Many things have been taken to finally have 16 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate programs. A very long journey that involves effort, sweat, tears.  Honorly, President University has been named as one of the best Private Universities in Indonesia with an A accreditation. As a sign of joy with all these achievements, of course, President University’s Anniversary was very memorable with so much success achieved.

Holding this two-days celebration of the Dies Natalis, all the committees involved received the greatest appreciation for creating an unforgettable moment for all elements of President University. With the theme “Carnival”, this year’s Dies Natalis was considered very impressive, which can be seen from the participants’ enthusiasm in each agenda.

On the first day of the Dies Natalis celebration on April 25, 2019, it was celebrated through an activity called “Splash Run”. There are so many waters and colors that represent this spectacular agenda while the participants were ran. Held at the President University Convention Center yard, the agenda for that day did not end just that. With the performance of a renowned DJ who made April 25 very memorable for the participants.

On the final night of the Dies Natalis on April 26, 2019 which was held at the President’s University Student Housing. Various Carnaval decorations that have succeeded in attracting the attention of participants because of its beauty. The opening of the President University’s Anniversary was very memorable, marked by the inauguration of the professor’s title for the beloved rector the previous morning. While bringing his speech, Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, S.E., M.M., M.A., as the Rector of President University expressed his pride to all elements of President University who have worked hard for the good name of the campus.

Not only that, in this year’s Dies Natalis, there were many interesting guest stars who participated in the event. Starting from the performance of the students, to the alumni. The climax of the event that night was at the performance of this year’s star guest “The Changcuters” who managed to bring an exciting atmosphere that night. Moreover, the retrieval of “The Club Dangdut Racun” which ended the excitement in this year’s Dies Natalis with a joint performance.

Melinda Stefani (COMM 17), as the Project Manager of the 2019 Dies Natalis, was proud of all the achievements of President University as a whole. She also thanked to all the committees for helping her make the event a success so that it became an unforgettable moment to she herself and the participants.

Hopefully this 17th Anniversary celebration will be a sign for us to bring together the good name of President University by being the best student for the campus, for ourselves, and for everyone.

Militia – External Affairs



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