[Press Release] Grant of Hopes 1 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Grant of Hopes 2018 I : Keep It Clean, Keep It Green

President University, Cikarang – Grant of Hopes or can we call as GoH is an event held by PUSU to encourage President University Students to be more aware with environment because if we do not start to love and care about our environment from now on, it would be hard to prevent ourselves from extinction later. This event would hold two times in this year.

GoH 2018 I is an internal event for President University Student Union 2018 to increase their awareness of environment by doing a small activity for betterment. Because this is an internal event, the participants are from PUSU members.

‘Million Ways to go Green’ is the theme of this event and hopefully by the theme can raise the awareness of PUSU members about the environment. For GoH 2018 I is focused on environment around us. We all know that environment plays an important role in our lives and that is why protecting environment is the responsibility of everyone. As PUSU members, we have got to spread this message to all PresUnivers, not only by words but also by action because “Action speaks louder than words”.

It conducted on Saturday, 3rd March 2018 at Jababeka Convention Center area or JCC area. Before the participants come to JCC area, they gathered at East Gate of Dormitory to heard the opening speech from the PM and President of PUSU. Then, the committee invited the participants to pick up the scattered rubbish while they walked to JCC area. After all, participants arrived at JCC area and the participants divided into 5 groups to clean up the campus area such as beside building A, in front of building B, Canteen and so on. This event was ended with fun agenda which is the game session, the game aimed to increase our solidarity.

Through Grant of Hope 2018 I, hopefully PUSU can influence not only PresUnivers but also all people to more aware of our environment, because if it is not us as society who will save our earth.


‘The Greatest Threat to Our Planet is the Belief that Someone Else will Save it’ – Robert Sawn


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