GRANT OF HOPES 2019: The Harmony of Tugumukti

President University, Cikarang – Grant of Hopes 2019 presents some students of President University  to went to Tugumukti village, Bandung, as volunteers and lived with people there for 3 days and 2 nights, starting from April 29th, 2019 – May 1st, 2019.

Tugumukti village is located in the foot of Burangrang mountain. The location of Tugumukti village was one of the reasons that the access to the educations, the academic and mental education, to this village is minimum. That is why it is hoped, by this event the volunteers can help the villagers to realize the importance of education. Therefore, by realizing the importance of education, the human resources of this village can develop.

Grant of Hopes 2019 was meaningful. Before the event was being held, the committees had opened donations for several times. Students of President University excitedly had donated some reuseable clothes, bags, books, and many more. They even carried on a charity concert together with one of the clubs and community of President University, Music Community.

With the theme of ‘Share Happiness in Togetherness’, the volunteers played football and some music with the kids who live in the area, when they had just arrived in Tugumukti village. The kids of Tugumukti warmly welcomed the volunteers with their smiles and laughter. Afterward, the volunteers had lunch and were briefed before they were sent to the spent their night with the family chosen.

Early in the morning of second day, the volunteers haste to the elementary school in that village which is called as Mi Nyalindung. Before they began to teach, they did some cleaning to the school environment with the elementary students. Not long after, they started the class. The volunteers taught English, Math, Science, Health Education and Art to the elementary students based on their grades. The students participated and cooperated well with the volunteers, therefore the learning session was actually fun. In the break time, the volunteers danced and had lunch along with the elementary students. After the class ended, they all together had the awarding, photo session and closing remarks before everyone headed back home. Later at night, the volunteers spent their last night with each of their family.

In the last day, the volunteers had some keepsake to share with each of their family. The volunteers also had lunch with their family before they had to leave them. After some farewell with the families, the volunteers gather at one of the field nearby for the closing remarks and photo session before they headed back to Cikarang.

The Grant of Hopes 2019 left so much memories and lessons to the people of Tugumukti village.

The mini library that the volunteers built will help the young generations of people of Tugumukti village to develop their skills and knowledges. Hopefully, by the development of skills and knowledges, Tugumukti village will be more well-organized and gain more recognition of tourist favorite destination.

“Never tire to share our love” – Grant of Hopes 2019

Adine – External Affairs

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