[Press Release] Interact 2018



“Pump Your Confidence, Set Your Innovation”

Cikarang, President University – INTERACT stands for Interactive Communication Training, this event is an seminar that aims to improve the way to communicate effectively. The theme of INTERACT 2018 is creation in communication. By the theme, it is aimed to all the participants could improve their communication and public speaking skills. The event was attended by collage students and also high school students. The participants who attended this event were very enthusiastic

The event was attended by Alumni Bureau, Student Affairs Mr. Purwanto and also PUSU representatives. There were 3 speakers as the main speakers, which were Mr. Putjok Rizaldy as the PR Institute Founder, Mr. Rico Tampenawas as the CEO of PT. Pioneer Property Group, and one of the best young motivators in Indonesia, Ms. Bunga Jelita Ibrani Flower as the winner of Puteri Indonesia 2017.

This event was held on September 15, 2018 at Hotel Java Palace, Cikarang. During this seminar, each speaker presented a different presentation, the first speaker was Putjok Rizaldy discussing the correct way of public speaking in public,  the second speaker was Rico Tampenawas who discussed entrepreneurship, and the last speaker was Bunga Jelita Ibrani which discussed the right way to dress and increase confidence. After all the speakers presented the discussion, INTERACT 2018 committees held a discussion session by dividing several groups and giving questions that they had to present in the next session.

The values that all the participants could get from this event are Passion, Responsibility, Sincerity, Excellence, and Trendsetter. Muh. Afli Alamzah Zugito as a project manager gave a speech, “hopefully all the lessons learned from the speakers and other sessions can be implemented” and he hoped INTERACT in the next year to be better by giving other exciting activities.


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