[Press Release] Mr. and Ms. President University 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Mr and Ms President University 2018: “Act like a Queen, be wise like a King”

Mr & Ms President University is back again in 2018!. This event is held once a year by President University Student Union and this event was participated by the students of President University which aims to President University Students shows their talents with good behavior and can be a good ambassador for President University.


“Inheritance behind a throne” as the theme of this year because they are the successor to the throne of Mr & Ms from the previous year, and to continue the throne they should be able to implement the legacy of their former form teachings during quarantine. In addition, for being Mr & Ms of President University there are certainly some options that they have to go through in 2018 and a lot of fun activities. They had to do the first interview session held on 11th -12th of January and there were only 40 participants who passed the interview, they also had the mini quarantine and followed by the next interview which is only 20 of them who passed the interview, they culd continue to the next quarantine where they were taught about catwalk, ballroom dance, Public Speaking, Table Manner, and Beauty Class from Emina. They also performed the talent show at Hollywood Junction Jababeka, Cikarang. Quarantine itself was held for five weeks more precisely on January 22th to 21th February.


They prepared to show what they had learned before in the quarantine session at the coronation night on March 5th which held at Celecton hotel, Cikarang. The coronation night was attended by Head of Student and Alumni Bureau; Pak Purwanto, all members of the Student Affairs, Public Relations Staff of President University, all guests and also parents. This event also attended by Ms. Earth Indonesia, Mr. & Ms. UMN, Mr. & Ms. LSPR, Koko Cici Jakarta, Putra Putri Batik Karawang, Putra Putri Dirgantara Indonesia, Muda Sabudarta Indonesia.


The participants who are selected to be the 1st winner are Fernando K. Rumagit from IRE 2017 and Theresa Karlianti from COMM 2017, then the 1st runner-up, Hasibullah Wardak from IRE 2017 and Natasya Aline from Comm 2017, and followed by 2nd runner up Erwin Pranata from IEN 2017 and Angela Shinta RH from MGT 2017.


Fanny Fanani as project manager Mr & Ms President University 2018 is very proud of the participants Mr & Ms President University 2018. Not only that, as Ms. Earth Indonesia who gave speech that night also proud to see the talent of the participants. Ms. President University 2018, Theresa Karlianti shared the impression and message to us too, she said “I am very grateful and very happy, I can be selected as Ms. President University 2018. Actually, I am not really expected because all the finalists have enormous potential. I am grateful to have this precious opportunity. I am also grateful to the upper foundation as well as all the committees who have prepared from quarantine classes to the final night, all responsive and helpful to each other. All series of events run smoothly and the results are amazing. Thank you so much”.


Through this event, they can get an unforgettable experience and very influential to develop themselves, therefore this event is very useful and educational. Hopefully in the next year will always be able to make an improvements from year to year and we are waiting for you, so see you next year at Mr & Ms President University 2019!


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