[Press Release] PUSC & PUSU TRAINING 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PUSC-PUSU Training 2018: Growing a Sense of Togetherness for the Better Future

President University, Cikarang – PUSC-PUSU Training 2018 is an internal event between President University Student Union (PUSU) 2018 and President University Student Council (PUSC) 2018. Actually, in the previous time, that name of the event was PUSC-PUSU Gathering but it changed to be Training for this year. As the new generation of PUSC and PUSU, they need to gather and know the personalities of their working partners.

The event aimed to create bonding between PUSC & PUSU before they work together as a team. The theme of this event is ‘The Wizard World’. As known, The Wizard can do everything using their magical spells, by this theme hopefully the participant could find the most important spell to unite their member as one team. Therefore, they are able to reveal the miracle once, they do a great teamwork and find out the meaning of togetherness. The totals participants in this event were 71 people consist of 32 PUSC’s members and 39 PUSU’s members.

The event took place on 10-11 February 2018 in Jubilee Camp. Cibogo, Bogor. In two days one night, they did many fun and meaningful activities. In the first day, all participants experienced Leadership session which was the sharing session with their Board of Directors and game session aimed to grow their leadership skill. In the evening, they had gathering at the bonfire spot, had sharing session, continued by singing along together and ended up with releasing the lanterns to the sky with their wishes in it as their hope for betterment in the future.

In the next day, they did sharing session with their groups. In the end of the sharing session, the President of PUSU 2018 and the Chairperson of PUSC 2018 gave each other a placard as a symbol of good relationship between PUSU and PUSC to work together in harmony.

By PUSC-PUSU Training 2018, the participants are expected to develop a sense of responsibility, sense of belongings, caring, and building a teamwork. Therefore, they can find their passion in doing every single activity that will help them in improving the performance of PUSC and PUSU.

‘Discover the Land, Set the Spell of Togetherness’ – PUSC-PUSU Training 2018


Cindy – External Affairs

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