Press Release: Student orientation 2019

STUDENT ORIENTATION 2019: New Start, New Chances.

President University, Cikarang – Student Orientation is one of the most important event of President University. Each year, the freshmen of President University are obligated to join this event that has the purpose not only to introduce the university life and environment, friends and seniors, and also the organizations, clubs and communities that exist in the President University, but also to help the freshmen to adapt to the English-based university life. Student Orientation 2019 was held from August 25th to the closing night on August 31st, and was themed with The Rising of Mighty Griffin. There was an introduction session before the fun events started. Therefore, on the first day, the freshmen gathered in the President University Convention Center for the introduction to the event, committees, the rules and regulations, and also their teammates.

The following day, the Student Orientation 2019 was officially opened by the rector of President University, Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian, in the opening ceremony. Then, the Student Orientation 2019 was continued with the Pilar Kebangsaan and the presentations of introduction to the university organizations, such as President University Student Council (PUSC), President University Student Union (PUMA), and President University Major Association (PUMA). Also, there were seminars about narcotics and entrepreneur on the day after to remind the freshmen about the facts of narcotics and how to be an entrepreneur. The speakers are Mrs. Kompol Dewi Ayu Iriani from the Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN) and Mr. Revardi Syahputra.

On the fourth day, there were some social projects. In the Student Orientation 2019, the social projects were divided as selling clothes, teaching, and making handcrafts. The following events were group competition and the Clubs and Communities Showcase. In the showcase, they were introduced to the Clubs and Communities that legally exist in President University.

The next day, an event called Choreography was held. It was a sub-event where the freshmen had to line up to make 4 configurations, that are President University Logo, ‘74’ as the age of Indonesia, and many more. They did a great job; the result was amazing. Later in the afternoon, there was a yel-yel competition.

A day before the closing night, there was a sub-event called Thanks God It’s Friday, which was the time for the freshmen to gather with their Communities compatible to their belief, to worship the Lord and to get acquainted with one and another. Then, they would have fun games session and ended getting wet by dancing while being watered down by the hydrant next to PUCC.

The last day was the most awaited, and the most unforgettable, not only to the freshmen as participant, to by all people who involved in Student Orientation 2019. On the final night, there were some performances and rewarding sessions. There were also performances by Teza Sumendra, which was our lovely guest star.

The Student Orientation 2019 has finally ended. Therefore, the freshmen are officially a part of President University. We welcome you, our lovely freshmen!

“Burn the zeal, Build the throne!”


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