[Press Release] Student Orientation 2018

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Welcome Freshmen!

President University, Cikarang – Student Orientation 2018 aims to introduce the freshmen about the university environment, Clubs & Communities, and all legal organizations that exist in President University. This event conducted one week full started from August 26th, 2018 to September 1st, 2018.

On the first day, all the freshmen gathered in MPR dormitory (PUSH) and followed some fun agenda started from the introduction to STO and the committee behind this event. The theme of STO 2018 is ‘Figure out the Distinction, Enhance the Solidarity’. Hopefully by this theme, it can embrace all the freshmen to be more aware each other and step out from their comfort zone to unite with all President University students, even they are from different batch, major and background.

The second day started with the Opening Ceremony and Symbolization from Rector of President University Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto. After that, all the freshmen followed the agenda, which are Pillar Kebangsaan and Introduction to the three legal organizations that exist in President University, which are President University Student Council (PUSC), President University Student Union (PUSU), and President University Major Association (PUMA).

In the Third day, there was an Entrepreneur and Health Seminar with three famous speakers Mr. Bryan Emil Tilaar from Marta Tilaar Groups Jasa Pembuatan Website, Mr. Gunadi Sindhuwinata the President Director of PT. Indomobil Sukses Internasional, and Ms. Tia Rahmania as one of the famous psychiatrist. The participants got new knowledge from the seminar about how to be a good entrepreneur and how to keep our health physically and mentally.

After that in the Fourth day, STO 2018 committees encouraged all the freshmen to do a social project such as selling used clothes, tutoring the elementary school students, and making a dream catcher. After finishing the social project, they went to JCC for Clubs and Communities Show Case. In this showcase, they were introduced about 26 clubs and communities in President University.

In the next day, STO 2018 committees had new sub-event called as Choreography, which means the freshmen ought to make a mosaic with 3 configurations. The first configuration is the Indonesian national flag, the second configuration is PresUniv, and the last configuration is STO 2018. Then continued with the Jingle Competition, every group was very enthusiastic and spirit full when sang their group jingle.

The activities in Sixth day was Thanks God It’s Friday (TGIF) and Games session called Infinity Stone. All freshmen gathered to take a pray with the CnCs that led to the worship. It continued with game session located in the Dormitory and Citywalk area for around 3 hours. Then, for the final of games session, all groups gathered in front of MPR dormitory to playing hydrant together.

The last day is the most awaited day because it is the final night of STO 2018. The Final Night was so amazing, there were many performances such as traditional dance, traditional clothes fashion show, winner group performance, awarding for the committee and participants, and also the performance from our guest star Vierratale. Hopefully through one week of STO, all the freshmen could understand the value behind Student Orientation. ‘Catch the Fire, Beat the Challenge’ – Student Orientation 2018

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