[PRESS RELEASE] President University Idol 2020

President University, Cikarang – President University Idol is one of the most awaited event in President University. A singing contest that brings out a new superstar every year that comes from the student of President University. With the theme of this year “The Odyssey of The Voice”, President University Idol 2020 was held successfully starting on the 13th November until the 12th December. Due to the infiltration of Covid-19, President University Idol 2020 was a little different the past years. This year President University Idol was held virtually through ZOOM Meeting platform. Nevertheless, the excitement from our participants what wanted to join the odyssey were still high.

There were a lot of participants who registered themselves for our first audition by uploading an audition video on their personal Instagram account. Several participants were eliminated through the first audition and left us at 25 participants as the official TOP 25 of President University Idol. But, their odyssey haven’t stopped yet. There were still other round for them to show off their skill in front of the foundation of PU Idol 2020. More participant were eliminated from the competition and 12 participants were left as the official TOP 12 of President University Idol and also as the official foundation for PU Idol 2021.

Starting from the second audition, the TOP 12 participant were obligated to attend the one-week-quarantine with the foundation of PU Idol 2020 before their performance at the Semi-Finals on the 5th of December. With an amazing performance by the 12 semifinalists, the judges and the foundation members agreed to select 5 participant to continue on to the Grand Final of President University Idol on the 12th of December. Our Top 5 finalists were;Sarah Agnes Damanik, Olivia Rengganis, Aliviannisha Raihanda, Meilani Teniwut, and Yohanes Bengurion Taroreh.

After another one-week-quarantine with the foundation members, the finalist of President University Idol all gave us an extraordinary performance in front of the judges, the foundation, and hundreds of audience. The atmosphere from the Grand Final of President University Idol 2020 were getting more exciting with the special performances from our guest star, Gangga. His warm and sweet voice was able to melt the audiences’ heart. The joy were added more at the end of the grand final as Yohanes Bengurion Taroreh from Visual Communication Design batch 2020 was announced as the Winner of President University Idol 2020 and Olivia Rengganis from Management batch 2020 as the first runner-up.

The Project Manager of President University Idol 2020, Ahda Ayudia Hairisa, stated that she was happy to be able to have hold the event in a simple yet meaningful way for all the participants and wish everyone who had participated in PU Idol 2020 success on their singing career. She also thanked her committees and the foundation of PU Idol 2020 for their hard work and time given to the event. She hopes the upcoming President University Idol will be held successfully with greater improvement on the event within any situations.

Minutes of Music, Years of Memories” – President University Idol 2020

  • Written by :  Bernadetta (Pic PR Internal)
  • Revised by : Kelvin Andreas Lusman (Member of MOC)
  • Approved by : Atanasia Pranasistha Pramudita (Minister of Communication)

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