[PRESS RELEASE] President Youth Leadership Camp 2020

President University – PYLC stands for President Youth Leadership Camp is one of the event that is held by President University Student Union. The purpose of this event is to persuade participant to build and improve their leadership skill trough self-confidence and show their potential to everyone and values which will be packed with different types of activities.

PYLC  2020 was a forced to be held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, nevertheless we still tried our best to give an amazing experience for all of our participants. We also tried to uphold the fundamental value of  PYLC to its utmost best even though we had to do this event online. We are aware that nowdays  the youth have leadership potential in themselves but many of them are afraid to show their potential or don’t even know how to use their own potential leadership skills,through our theme “Understanding Your Leadership Superpower” we hope that all the participants of PYLC can understand the leadership skills they have and can use it as their own superpower in their life.

PYLC 2020 was divided into two days. On the first day, we held 2 seminars with the first topic  “Understanding and Utilizing the Leadership Potential Within You” which was delivered by Randa Sandhita as the founder of @katalisatormuda.idn and the second topic was “Having the Mindset To Be a Leader” delivered by Kristo Immanuel as an influencer and an impersonator. Then, on the second day, we held the last night of PYLC 2020, and a competition for the participants of PYLC 2020. The competition was to make a piece of content  based on the material that has been provided by our speakers, and then we had was a performance  talented in the form of an online concerts  from the talented student of President University, as well as an award for participant for the content they have created.

“Unleash Your Superpower, Lead The Galaxy!” – PYLC 2020

  • Written by : I Komang Adi Guna Wijaya (PM for PYLC)
  • Revised by : Kelvin Andreas Lusman (Member of MOC)
  • Approved by : Atanasia Pranasistha Pramudita (Minister of Communication)

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