[PRESS RELEASE] Sport Olympiad President University (SOPU) 2021

President University, CIKARANG – Sport Olympiad President University (SOPU) huge yearly event held to raise the sportsmanship spirit and the solidarity among all Presunivers from all majors. This event was held for approximately a month from 7th of June 2021 to 3rd of July 2021. This year SOPU’s theme is ‘The Art of Survival in Jurassic’ equipped with the mascot; T-Rex.

SOPU 2021 brought a different concept due to COVID-19 pandemic. Committee set off to all online competitions or they call it E-Sport matches after SOPU 2020 had been postponed. All majors sent their representatives to compete in Mobile Legend, DOTA 2, Stumble Guys, Valorant, Chess.com, PUBG, and Point Blank. Even though this big event was conducted online, it did not even lower the spirit of all athletes nor the supporters.

The opening of SOPU was held on 7th of June 2021 through Zoom meeting and Youtube live streaming. It started with an amazing video documentary of each major’s preview and the committee’s effort in making this event happen. The line of President University Major Association (PUMA) representatives with the major’s flag in their grasp, completed the opening ceremony. This amazing concept came from the amazing ideas of its committee and most important the project manager, Anthony Emmanuel. He did not lose hope to make SOPU 2021 lit, especially as we know that SOPU 2020 was stopped because of COVID-19. Later on, the torch of SOPU 2019 was ignited by the vice project manager of SOPU 2021, Anastasia Dyah Gayatri, thus the competition began.

The online competition took 18 days to be finished. The first week started with a couple of e-sport matches such as Chess.com, Stumble Guys, Mobile Legend, DOTA 2, and Point Blank. Continued through the second week and there were also the same matches just like the first week, but the PUBG mobile match had just begun. To make the tournament not boring, SOPU 2021 presents some weekly performances for all the participants and supporters. There were also commentators that helped enliven the ongoing E-sport competitions. Supporters from each major added the zest of athletes to be on fire and win the game.

The final day of SOPU, which was on July 3rd 2021, became the most exciting day for all majors. Before that, on 1st and 2nd of July was the final match of PUBG and Mobile Legend. The awaited day began with some performers from President University Idol and ended with a memorable closing ceremony with an amazing performance from Elnanda Utama as the special guest.

We Rise, We Heal, Undefeated” – Sport Olympiad President University (SOPU) 2021

  • Written by: Siti Nabira Rindu Azzahra (PIC Internal Affairs)
  • Revised by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)
  • Approved by: Mikhael Andwadiwana (Minister of MoC)

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