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Steps to Create and Publish a Post on PUSU’s Website

  1. Go to the login section, then continue with google.
  2. Select the google account that will be used to publish the post
  3. Click on the top left of “President University Student Union (BEM)” or you can directly click New (Post)
  4. Next, you will be directed to the Add New Post page. Enter a title in the Add title field. You can start writing post content in the editor column.
  5. You can take advantage of the block shortcut feature to add details to the posts made. You can insert images, set the headings, and even add other details.
  6. To insert an image, you can take advantage of the block feature and select the image to be uploaded on the website
  7. After you finish writing the article, you can fill in the permalink, category, tag, and even featured image.
  8. After writing the post and the detailed description of the article, you can then press the ‘publish’ button to publish the post you made.

Here are each of their functions:

Permalink Settings

Permalink is used for setting the URL address of the article that you create. Automatically, WordPress will generate permalinks according to the permalink settings you use.

Settings Categories

The categories menu is used to provide categories for the articles that you create. You can choose a category that you have previously created.

Settings Tags

Tags are words that describe the articles made. They are used to group articles according to the themes discussed.

Featured image

Featured image is the main image that will be used as the profile of the article. When uploading images in the featured image, you need to pay attention to the size of the images that will be uploaded. It is recommended that the image file size is smaller than 300kB

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